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Generative Platforms for Presentations

The project "Generative Platforms for Presentations – From Ideas to Presentations" is an innovative research for exploring the art of creating presentations. It converts articles into structured outlines and then into visually engaging PowerPoint slides, enhanced with AI assistance for optimal content, layout, and design.

Tian En Academy

TianEn Academy was founded to offer a biblical education, nurturing children in the values of the Kingdom of God, distinct from traditional schools with their often rigid teaching philosophies. This approach aligns more closely with parents' beliefs and values, offering an alternative, values-based educational experience.

Ningbonese Bible

The project digitally records the Ningbonese Bible, complete with Pinyin and Chinese translations, aiming to preserve Ningbo's linguistic heritage and enhance accessibility for both native speakers and learners. It's an innovative approach to maintaining a regional language, combining spiritual texts with modern technology.