IGCSE Mathematics (0580)

Welcome to IGCSE Mathematics (0580) taught by Mr. George. By taking this course, you are encouraged to develop mathematical ability as a key life skill, and as a strong basis for further study of mathematics or to support skills in other subjects.

    Learning Objectives:

  • develops learners' competency, confidence, and fluency in their use of techniques with and without the use of a calculator, cultivating mathematical understanding. 
  • develops learners’ feel for quantity, patterns, and relationships, encouraging learners’ reasoning and analytical skills.  
  • places a strong emphasis on solving problems in mathematics and real-life contexts. 
  • promotes appropriate presentation and interpretation of results, encouraging learners’ understanding of how to communicate and reason mathematically.

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Course Content

Lecture Description Lecture Slide Assignment Video
Significant Figure [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Upper and Lower Bound [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Speed, Distance and Time [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Number Groups [Slides] [None] [None]
Arithematic Sequence [Slides] [None] [None]
Exponent Rules [Slides] [None] [None]
Direct and Inverse Proportion [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Interest Rate [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Set [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
How to Use Calculator [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Relations and Function [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Function [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Graphing Functions [None] [Assignments] [None]
Graphing Inequalities [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Slope [Slides] [Assignments] [Video]
Parallel and Perpendicular Line [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Interior and Exterior Angles of Polygons [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Angles in Polygon and Parallel Lines [None] [Assignments] [None]
Trigonometric Ratios and Functions [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Degree to Radian [None] [Assignments] [None]
Trigonometric Ratios of Any Anlge [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Reference Angle [None] [Assignments] [None]
Graphing Trigonometric Function [Slides] [None] [None]
Inverse Trigonometric Function [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
2D and 3D Measureing [Slides] [None] [None]
3D Trigonometric Function [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Sine Rule and Cosine Rule [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Bearing [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Rotational Symmetry [Slides] [None] [None]
Vector Addition and Substraction [None] [Assignments] [None]
Vector [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Transformation [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Basic Probability I [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Basic Probability II [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Different Types of Graphs [Slides] [None] [None]
Drawing Histograms [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Interpreting Histograms [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Scatter Diagrams [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Comulative Frequency [Slides] [Assignments] [Video]
Comulative Frequency and Quartiles [Slides] [Assignments] [Video]
Box Plot [Slides] [Assignments] [Video]
Tree and Venn Diagram [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Introduction to Limits [Slides] [Assignments] [None]
Introduction to Derivatices [Slides] [None] [None]
Rules for Differentiation [Slides] [None] [None]
Incrasing & Decreaseing Functions, Stationary Points [Slides] [None] [None]
Matrix [Slides] [None] [None]
Matrix Transformation [Slides] [None] [None]
Matrix Revision [Slides] [None] [None]